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March 2017: Flashback of the Emerald Green
May 26, 2017

Dec 2016: Our New Swimming Pool – A refreshing Christmas present for our Guests!

Swimming Pool Croc Valley

Author: Nadja P.

Croc Valley Camp at Night
Christmas is approaching fast and Croc Valley is looking forward to dedicating a special gift to all our guests and visitors. Our new swimming pool is ready for a refreshing jump in the water, thanks to our diligent workers! With the dimensions of 10x15m, the pool will not only offer a pleasant, relaxing cool-down in hot season, but will also serve to the more sportive swimmers to keep up with their exercise and swim some laps. Or what about an exciting match of pool-volleyball? We are sure there will be plenty of space to host all kinds of creative pool games and make the pool a fun experience for everybody!

The Pool has made steady progress throughout the last month

As we know from previous experience, the blue water can be a great attraction for our wild visitors like elephants or hippos, who enjoy the cool refreshment no less than you do. To ensure their safety at all times, the pool is now built with extra large steps to help them climbing out of the water, should they decide to take a swim. Despite their massive body weight of up to 6 tons, African elephants are surprisingly good swimmers! Their trunk has proved to be a helpful gadget which can be used like a snorkel and enables the animal to breathe normally when swimming underwater.
Wild Visitors at Pool
To offer our guests the most comfortable and enjoyable stay, we are constantly optimizing our camp, so the pool is not the only new announcement to make. Our gym received a fresh make-over and invites you for a fitness workout. Equipped with new rubber mats and a variety of training gadgets such as a cycling and a multipurpose cable machine, a boxingbag, weightlifting and vanity mirrors, it is a perfect place for you to burn off all your energy. For yoga fans there will be enough space to lay down a mat and start your day in the bush spirited and energetic after a relaxing yoga session.
And it’s the time of the year again where the rain turns the valley into a stunning green and you can sit at the bar watching the river filling up day-by-day. Attracted by the mouth-watering green grass, hippos are stopping by more frequently for a little midnight snack at the camp. Our guests have also been very lucky with wild-dog sightings during the last days, which showed up multiple times during their wanderings through the Luangwa valley.

These stunning pictures have been taken just recently in and around the Camp

Rainbow Luangwa River Zambia
As we come to the end of 2016, we would like to give a big “thank you” for sharing wonderful moments with us at the camp. We wish you all a Happy Festive Season! The Croc Valley Team

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