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October 27, 2017
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What do you call a group of …?

Test your knowledge!

It's probably standard knowledge to know that a group of wolves is called a "pack", that a group of puppies is called a "litter", that cows run in a "herd" and fish swim in a "school" ...but there are many collective nouns for animals that are less common, and animals can in fact have very bizarre and silly names when clustering into groups. Although these nouns are rarely used by scientists, they do exist and represent humanity's creativity for linguistics.

Have a try and test your knowledge about collective animal nouns! Some of them are certainly good for a laugh and provide perfect material to show off on your next Safari trip :)

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Giraffes Zambia

A ... of Giraffes

An ... of Frogs

A ... of Hippos

A ... of Rhinos

An ... of Wildebeest

A ... of Crows

A ... of Buffalo

A ... of Owls

A ... of Porcupines

A ... of Lemurs

An ... of Ravens

A ... of Mongooses

A ... of Monkeys

A ... of Sharks

A ... of Bears

Surprised? We told you so - some group names for animals are pretty weird.

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