Join a Morning or Night Game Drive, or both, in our open game vehicles and watch the antelopes, elephants, zebras, warthogs, lions, leopards, the abundance of beautiful birds and our very own Thornicroft giraffe, which is found nowhere else. Our Game Drives are lead with resident professional guides whose intimate knowledge will make for an unforgettable experience in the South Luangwa National Park.


Enjoy our Walking Safaris on beautiful nature trails outside the park in the surrounding riverine habitat along the river. Escorted with a professional guide and fully trained scout. Whether you want to go on safari in the comfort of our especially adapted game-viewing vehicle or want to venture out on foot, we offer a safari tailored to your needs.



US $20 per person.

Visit the Tribal Textiles Shop to discover unique textiles and a wide range of arts, crafts, bags and jewellery from Zambia's finest artisans. Have a free tour of the workshop to see their fabrics being made and meet the artists who create them. Inspired by Africa's culture and wildlife, every piece is painted by hand and baked in the African sun before being sewn into beautiful home textiles and accessories. This unique one-stop-shop stocks all the local artisan groups (Mulberry Mongoose, Elephant Wood, Azimai, Lightfoot Zambia) and supports Conservation South Luangwa, Project Luangwa, Malimba School and Hanada orphanage.

You are welcome to spend a few hours or a day working side by side with highly-skilled and friendly artists at the Tribal Textiles workshop. Starch your own design or use one of the stencils to create a cotton cushion cover or wall hanging. Paint your masterpiece using a selection of warm earthy colours. Art Safaris are available for children too!

Half day & Kids' Art Safaris: US$ 30 / Full day: US $ 50.

Please book ahead :

The creative and courageous Mulberry Mongoose ladies handcraft beautiful jewellery that reflects the grace and ruggedness of the unique South Luangwa. Their workshop and retail outlet is located beside a well-trodden elephant path.

Here they use local, natural materials to create extraordinary accessories. With every piece of jewellery sold they make a donation to anti poaching patrols helping to protect the areas iconic wildlife.

Project Luangwa is a charitable organisation formed by the Safari Operators of South Luangwa as a part of their commitment to responsible tourism.

Their aim is to create an effective, coordinated approach to helping local communities improve their long term economic prospects whilst avoiding a negative impact on the environment and wildlife. Their work is focused on supporting schools, increasing the standards of education and encouraging communities to find sustainable ways to support themselves.

Tourists are welcome to visit the Project Luangwa Craft Shop selling handmade items made by local women, including bags, fabrics, lithographs print cards to items using recycable materials.

Tourists are welcome to visit the internationally acclaimed Chipembele Conservation Centre to learn more about the projects, take a tour of the campus and experience the displays and exhibits in the world-class interpretive room.

Chipembele is a conservation education non-profit organisation working at grass-roots level in the communities living close to South Luangwa National Park. They have been operating an innovative and dynamic conservation education programme since 1998. Their aim is to inspire and encourage young people to be active conservationists and in doing so empower them to make the necessary changes for sustaining livelihoods, conserving wildlife and protecting the natural environment long into the future. The programmes focus primarily on the 17 local government schools closest to the Park. This is the catchment area most affected by issues such as poaching, human-wildlife conflict, deforestation and other environmental problems associated with rapid, unplanned human development in a wildlife-rich area.


US $25 per person.

One way. Min 2 pax.


All entrance fees are payable ditectly to the park, therefore we advise you to bring enough cash to have ready at the entrance gate.

US $25 per person per dayNon residents
US $20 per person per dayResidents / SADC members
US $30 per person per day+ $15 per vehicle for self-drive (vehicle and passengers)
Permits valid from 6am to 6pm


30 days prior to safari100%
60 days prior to safari50%
90 days prior to safari25%
Over 90 days prior to safarino charge